It’s Time to Get Out

After 44 days of being ‘locked down people are starting to see the truth from the leftwing loons who wish to keep us in. Nothing would make the socialist elite happier than if we accepted their ‘remaking America’ according to their party line. They’re already trying to convince us that being held in and being barely supported financially by our government, something we can’t afford, is a good reason not to go back to work. We’re already suffering ‘cabin fever’ and yet they feel it’s a good idea to convince us to keep it up. Then we’ve got a group of supposed leaders who aren’t coming back to work in Congress. An example of the leftwing socialist elite. Then there’s the President who’s done such a wonderful job, the mob driven hate filled media who refuse to admit he can do anything right, and the fake news headlines of the political arm of the DNC, and those CEOs thinking that discourse is bad, who now are helping to censor our accounts on Facebook & YouTube by removing what they are calling ‘Misinformation’ because they disagree with us. This is the exact language used by communist dictator nations and the way the fake news ‘mob’ are ‘all in’ for places like China leads the American people to the conclusion that they’re trying to change our great country. For every fake news item that’s reported they must not feel anything but empty inside as they know that which they’ve reported IS fake and no matter how many times a lie is repeated it doesn’t make it truth. The fake news outlets MUST be aware of this fact, it can’t make them happy no matter how many they may ‘catfish’ with their lies. Just because we’ve decided to help mitigation efforts doesn’t mean we’ve given up our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Liberties, or anything else which makes America who we are or the great nation we inhabit. It only means we wanted to help eradicate the virus, but we’ve been jerked about by the so called ‘experts’ who’ve lost our faith over their own confusion which they wouldn’t admit. It’s definitely time to go back to work, to go back out into our communities because we’ve got people out there who we’re being told are too afraid to do just that. I still don’t understand why these same people aren’t afraid to go to the grocery stores or the pharmacies? If we let fear rule us then we’re nothing but cowards who’d believe any line the fake news will feed us and don’t deserve the freedoms our America was built upon.